language basis for speech I/O

Conversation Spaces are audiovisual layers of communication.

Beneath the live models, and supporting images, are the Libraries of short, spoken phrases  The phrase type can be statements, prompts, and replies. When phrases are presented as prompts or replies, they become conversations.

Rules of reply: Linguistics forms the basis for connecting phrases, in any language.

We have ‘chategorized’ phrases based on their places in a conversations. These communication roles for phrases are cross-referenced by a software engine featuring a Statement Response Hierarchy, plus rules of reply, which generate some other phrases and responses.    So the man-machine interactivity comes from the exchange of phrases in various contexts, of various communication types. We don’t really even have to do speech recognition, but we can.  The interactive part is technically not that hard, as long as the algorithm can know what to expect.

In Interplay space we are categorizing phases as assertive or receptive.  And you have subtypes, assertive / greeting or receptive / apology.  (Hey NY, we also have assertive/pushy! )

It’s amazing, there are so many combinations of phrases.  And the music makes it fun to speak along.

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