Conversation Space layers

Some of the spaces: lyrical, poetic, spiritual,

Visual Arts: The pages I imagine are built with fourth dimensional audiovision, which is what I call our means of painting the space frames with imaginative perspective.

Our visual layers are ripe for expression and content expansion .  Many layers can be added to enhance the spaces.  (Some conversation visuals have green screens to provide richer options for the visual dimension.)

We have seeded our library with a few Masters portraits and some other amazing mystical artworks.  I would love to have a LOT more visuals going on here.

The MUSIC: Voices of Space: Steve Aguilar is the lead keyboard and supports our amazing spokesmodels.   Voices of Space, who are Dani Armstrong and Lindsey Harper.   VLS also has access to record conversations in synch with libraries of original music by Larry Russell of Muzikjakit in NYC.  A lot of popular music that contains clearly spoken English phrases will work.  (Think of that popular musical refrain, ‘I DON’T CARE!’).

Musics forms the platform for personal prayers, lyrics, and mantras too. And saying ‘I DO CARE!’, we have Sada Sat Khalsa who sings mantras at her Yoga Borgo Ashram in Italy.  Her beautiful mantras were recorded and found on Spirit Voyage Radio, we are integrated them with the Mantra Space lyrics.  (Shout-out: I need your help connecting this, Ellen from NYU Uptown /  Sada Sat ( *~*)

Put all together, the possibilities for Conversations Spaces are Infinite.

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