express yourself

So we are creating new spaces for conversational speech on the web. It’s about communicating a message using spoken words.

Exercise of the speaking experience is the reason for the spaces. Think of it like speech aerobics . Speaking in sync with the models provides the practice.

The purpose is to provide interactive training for American speech, with a focus on active expression of phonetic definition, rhythm,  tone.  We also organize and present spoken messages by message purpose, such as Greet, Praise, Affirm, Complain, Admire, Persuade, Reject, Inform.

Besides this being a ton of fun, it can be the key to speech confidence for people.  Their “voice impression” will be greatly enhanced, and of course their speech will be even more effective in person.

If you can hear and say it with confidence, emphasis, and conviction, you can make it true. Then  you can be strong enough to communicate.


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