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English Speech Assessment and Training

One of our native English speaking coaches will speak with you for a few minutes to evaluate your American English speech comprehensibility, and provide a speech improvement plan and cost estimate for the training. An appointment may be required.

Conversation Space Speech Rating Scale

  1. You are speaking
  2. Your voice is loud enough to be heard and sound is more or less continuous.
  3. Most words can be understood and there is some correct syntax.
  4. Most words are pronounced correctly and there is more correct syntax. Voice sound comes from somewhere in the ‘mask’.
  5. The overall voice volume, tone, pitch, and prosody match the contours expected in standard English.
  6. Information is flowing from speech with few pronunciation errors, filler words (speech place holders,) sounds and other breaks.
  7. Information, thoughts, and ideas are being expressed with logical flow, good emphasis, variations in pitch, variations in volume, and tone. Listeners are engaged.
  8. You can answer a challenging question by supplying information and logical reasoning, expressed in correct syntax, with a minimum number of speech place holder or fillers.
  9. Listeners are convinced of the authenticity of the speaker and the opinions and information expressed.
  10. Listening to you is a memorable or transformational experience and the listener is moved to take action in support of the ideas and information expressed.

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A friend or colleague has sponsored you for a complimentary speech evaluation. In this activity, you will read from a simple script for one minute. An English speech coach will provide you with a personalized list of phonetic or vocalization issues, if any, and recommendations for improvement.

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Personal or small group speech training via Skype interactive video is $65.00 / 30 minutes, and includes access to the video training library and community membership.