Express Yourself

A spoken conversation is the most important way we connect with other people. The sound of our voices and quality of speech adds dimension to the meaning of words. To compose an introduction, a request or a personal expression, and say it well is not a simple matter.

The Art of Speech

Speech is an expressive message. The parts of speech are the voice, the sounds, the words, and the meaning. A spoken conversation is how we express our personalities to one another, in a changing stream of verbal expressions. Our voices convey our meanings and emotions. The sound and emotion of speaking adds dimensions of meaning and nuance to the changing stream of verbal expressions.

Taste the Words

Speech is a kinesthetic movement of the throat, jaw, tongue and lips, and like any movement, it requires physical repetition for mastery. The art of speech combines spoken words, pronounced correctly, delivered in a fluid voice, with the right amound of voice volume and tone, with grammar, vocabulary, and timing!

A mirror or videocam display can help you to match the models’ mouth movements. Stay focused on the face, because it conveys a lot of information about the meaning and the phonetics.

Find Your Voice

In our method, you will synchronize your voice to the rhythmic language of the models. As you repeat, imitate the intonation and emphasis.

How voices can sound: Confident, Sincere, Natural, Assertive, Sympathetic, Cheerful, Friendly, Reassuring. How voices in any business setting should NOT sound: angry, insulting, mocking, sneering; monononous, screeching, overly loud, whispery, or high-pitched!

Talk the Talk

Content is communicatively relevant, and fun! We present phrases of all types, that we hear spoken around us, that have meaning, rhythm and poetry, spoken with style, emphasis and rhythm by professional singers, speaking formal and personal expressions used by the current generation of Americans. The phrases are intended to affirm your personal power, and be useful in communicating in social settings. Location options include the beach, a forest, a nightclub, and other fun locations. Phrases can be linked as dialogues for interactive conversation practice.

Create a Space

A powerful search function enables you to find, view, and rehearse phrases from our audio and video libraries.

We can choose the conversations we want to have to have, with ourselves, and with one another. We can say and hear whatever we can imagine, and share it with others. It can be a poem, a prayer, or a song lyric.

Start the conversation

A conversation space contains spoken words, imagery and music, layers presented in a dynamic and immersive way, including models - or the current user - speaking the phrases, along with user-selected imagery, text, linguistic rhythm, and music.

Every human sense has a part to play in communication, so every layer in our communication space, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, has a learning purpose.