express and affirm ideas through speech repetition

All speech is an expressive message. And there are many type of expressive messages, here are just a few : Informational messages, corporate messages, esoteric messages, erotic messages, and mixed messages.

There is great enjoyment in interpersonal expression, including emotional expression, a very high-value type of expressive message. When a person learns the speech skills to express herself easily and forcefully, she is well on her way to getting personal satisfaction, and social and business success.

In the case of a Conversation space, the interactive user participates by speaking.  With speech repetition, the interactive user is learning how to say phrases like the model. By speaking the phrase, the interactive user is affirming the message and becoming more sympathetic to the meaning.  A Conversation Space also enables the interactive user to design and share an interactive and personalized message with other people.

So besides the value to the interactive user of speaking better English, the application can be harnessed to contain and deliver specific expressive messages.  That is what we are doing with our conversation spaces.  For example, hearing and saying a prayer out loud certainly has value to many people.  That is what we have in a Prayer Space.

Corporations certainly have proven their interest in having the public repeating their product slogans and singing their product jingles. Patriotic songs and spoken oaths have always been a big factor in promoting patriotism or nationalism.  While our content is limited to a few hundred phrases right now,  there is a lot of potential for custom vocabularies, whether created by our company, Voice Learning Systems, or in the future contributed by our users and customers.




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